Whatsapp user may need cell phone signal booster at home or office.

Whatsapp is the latest trend in world of smart phones, it can be said that whatsapp have changed the way of using smart phone. People are getting more reliable on whatsapp instead of SMS or phone callings and reason is simple that it comes almost free. A person gets it free for first year and after that there is a annual fees of just around $1. Whatsapp has recently added Voice Calling in its new update and that is another great reason of more and more people using whatsapp. Yes, there are many other applications which are providing similar services but it can be clearly seen that Whatsapp has beaten them all.

Coming to my point of cell phone signal booster for whatsapp, as we all know that whatsapp works on data services provided by your cell phone career or on wifi services. We have also seen a huge increment in number of smart phone users in recent years and that is also increasing the burden on network coverage.

Using services like whatsapp becomes impossible when problems like low signal strength occurs. Due to low signal the speed of data gets reduced and which causes miss-connection in whatsapp. The only solution is a cell phone signal booster at this time and believe me companies like weboost are doing doing miracles in this technology.