The Wilson Pro 4000R is called as industry’s first rack mounted cell booster. They incorporate four separate signal amplifiers that can feed four indoor antennas. This professional-grade all-bands multi-carrier signal booster can amplify and improve the  4G LTE data, voice calls, 2G, and 3G.

The Wilson Pro 4000R is a efficient signal booster that is suited for large buildings like offices, hospitals, warehouses, underground car parks, and other large multi-storey spaces. It provides coverage up to 100,000 sq. ft. The FCC-approved units up to 12dB downlink power than other boosters, and allows stronger signal for the weak incoming signal. It has the highest permitted uplink power, and provides greater user capacity and increased range. Meanwhile, the lower overload and shutdown threshold makes the booster perform well in strong signal environments like cities or locations near cell towers.



The Wilson Pro 4000R is considered installation-friendly. They will fit into an existing server rack due to the rack-mounted design, leaving the unit easily accessible. They have coloured LCD screen which gives Integrator’s easy control of the unit with four-way navigation.

In one single rack-mounted unit, the 4000R contains four boosters. They have an intelligent software protections prevent interference and to maximize signal. Like other Wilson Pro boosters, the always monitor signal levels and making instant adjustments as required with Automatic Gain Control and allowing the booster to operate consistently at maximum gain. The 4000R offers better control, as the on-board software independently and automatically controls each antenna path.

Every port is controlled independently, so gain can be adjusted, without disrupting coverage from any other antenna. The Extra Dynamic Range (XDR) feature allows 4000R system to work with an incoming signal up to 10 dB stronger than any competing booster which can tolerate much before overloading and shutting down.




Which cell phone booster is useful?

A cell phone signals booster is a type of cell phone signal amplifier which is small device used to enhance strengths of a signal with the help of multiple applications. The main importance of cell phone booster is that it provides high signals with high range. The installation of booster is very simple. You just have to attach an antenna to your house or office or to your cars while travelling. Cell phone antenna repeater also helps in broadcasting the network with the help of external or directional antenna. It just rebroadcast the mobile signals inside any building. One can directly install with the help of external or internal cell phone antenna repeater. It mostly works in open environment where there are less signals or zero signals or in remote areas. The power of internal cell phone booster can be 500m W and external cell phone booster can be 1000mW. If someone wants to make any urgent call while traveling and his call gets disconnected due to bad network then how he feels? In this situation cell phone booster is very helpful.

Why cell phone booster is useful?

For example:- If someone is standing in basement of any building but due to no network coverage he can’t be able to make any urgent calls then it can also effects his business, in this situation if cell phone booster is installed then he can make any calls from anywhere. From this example it becomes very clear that in today’s world we can’t imagine our life without cell phone. It amplifies the cell phone antenna repeater for quality signals. There is also one big difference of using cell phone booster in cars, it gives us high range of network depending on location, functions, quality and power whether you are in car, home or office.