How to install Signal Booster into your Home?

Cell Phone Signal Booster is the great device which provide crystal clear network in effective way. It gives the best possible signal to the cell phone. The device comes in different range and for different purposes.

Many people find very hard to install the set up the Cell phone signal amplifier for Verizon. But actually the installing process is simple and easy can be done by you. There are three or four steps to install the booster device into your home.

First step is to find the outside location life your roof, where you can set the external omni directional antenna. If you are able to see the signal tower from your roof then that will be the perfect place for installing your external antenna.

After you find the place where you can fix external antenna, also makes it clear that there is metal pipes or A/C unit around 3 feet. And then you have to fix the external antenna there. Keep It in mind that you external antenna is fixed vertically.

After that, you need to connect the cable of external antenna to the amplifier and then connect the amplifier to the internal antenna which emits the cell phone signals to your cell phone.

It is very easy to install the cell phone booster in your home and in your car also. You don’t need any other person to install the device. You can also read the manual for installing the booster device. Every Cell Phone Signal Booster for AT&T kit includes the manual for installing purpose.


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