All about Wilson 801262 DB Pro, Perfect Cell Phone Signal Booster

Wilson 801262 DB Pro

Wilson has added adjustable gain control to the 801262 DB Pro amplifiers and made it 62/65dB.  Now you can individually control the gain for both 800MHz and 1900MHz.  Indicator lights will warn of various error conditions that may be encounter during installation.  The cell phone signal amplifier casing is plastic.

Outside Antenna Option

The only difference between the Wilson 841262 and the Wilson 841263 kits is the outside antenna

  • Wilson 841262 – Uses an Omni-Directional antenna
  • Wilson 841263 – Uses a Directional antenna

The Omni-Directional catches signal from 360 degrees and works well when there is a lot of signal bounce from forest, rocks, mountains, etc.. Select the Omni-Directional antenna if you are in mountainous, heavily forested, rugged environment. You don’t have to be able to see the tower, but there should not be any mountains or large hills in the way. Select the Directional antenna if you have a decent line-of-sight to the tower. Remember, if you use a Directional antenna, you will only pick up towers in the direction the outside antenna is pointed.  If you use an Omni-Directional antenna, you are collecting signal from all directions.

Inside Antenna

This cell phone signal antenna is designed to be mounted on the wall or layer flat on the ceiling in the attic pointing downwards. This may cause oscillation. The antenna has about an 85 degree horizontal beam and about a 45 degree vertical beam. Both kits have the same interior antenna: a directional panel antenna.   It should not point towards the outside antenna or directly at the cellular amplifier.

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