Whatsapp user may need cell phone signal booster at home or office.

Whatsapp is the latest trend in world of smart phones, it can be said that whatsapp have changed the way of using smart phone. People are getting more reliable on whatsapp instead of SMS or phone callings and reason is simple that it comes almost free. A person gets it free for first year and after that there is a annual fees of just around $1. Whatsapp has recently added Voice Calling in its new update and that is another great reason of more and more people using whatsapp. Yes, there are many other applications which are providing similar services but it can be clearly seen that Whatsapp has beaten them all.

Coming to my point of cell phone signal booster for whatsapp, as we all know that whatsapp works on data services provided by your cell phone career or on wifi services. We have also seen a huge increment in number of smart phone users in recent years and that is also increasing the burden on network coverage.

Using services like whatsapp becomes impossible when problems like low signal strength occurs. Due to low signal the speed of data gets reduced and which causes miss-connection in whatsapp. The only solution is a cell phone signal booster at this time and believe me companies like weboost are doing doing miracles in this technology.

How to install Signal Booster into your Home?

Cell Phone Signal Booster is the great device which provide crystal clear network in effective way. It gives the best possible signal to the cell phone. The device comes in different range and for different purposes.

Many people find very hard to install the set up the Cell phone signal amplifier for Verizon. But actually the installing process is simple and easy can be done by you. There are three or four steps to install the booster device into your home.

First step is to find the outside location life your roof, where you can set the external omni directional antenna. If you are able to see the signal tower from your roof then that will be the perfect place for installing your external antenna.

After you find the place where you can fix external antenna, also makes it clear that there is metal pipes or A/C unit around 3 feet. And then you have to fix the external antenna there. Keep It in mind that you external antenna is fixed vertically.

After that, you need to connect the cable of external antenna to the amplifier and then connect the amplifier to the internal antenna which emits the cell phone signals to your cell phone.

It is very easy to install the cell phone booster in your home and in your car also. You don’t need any other person to install the device. You can also read the manual for installing the booster device. Every Cell Phone Signal Booster for AT&T kit includes the manual for installing purpose.


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Signal booster support all networks

FCC (Federal Communication Commission) gives approval to signal booster device after the long research. And after approval, FCC clarify that cell phone signal booster provides better signal performance without interfere the network provider companies. It is very necessary to them to provide the complete knowledge about it.

Wilson electronics is the company which makes cheaper cell phone signal booster for you home and for your offices. It is the company which makes the cell phone signal booster for Verizon device that support all the networks providers including T mobile, and Verizon. Signal booster also support all the operating system of you cell phones and the smart phones. So you don’t need to worry about your cell phone system also.

In February 2013, the cell phone signal booster launch in the market. It is only the best way to provide the complete protection to you from the poor signals and bad signal networks.  Most of the time people face the bad signal coverage while driving but signal booster for vehicle provides you the perfect solution for this problem also. In this way cell phone booster provides the complete protection from signal distraction and from bad signal coverage. It is the device which comes with wireless facility also. Such type of signal amplifier works with lots of cell phones and provide better performance of signal to all he connected phones at the same time. In such a way signal booster makes our cell phone device completely without any regret. Cheap cell phone signal booster for T mobilesignal booster is for the single person and there is the signal booster which comes with great efficiency, which works with more than one device at the same time. These are mostly for the office purposes because it comes for commercial uses.

All about Wilson 801262 DB Pro, Perfect Cell Phone Signal Booster

Wilson 801262 DB Pro

Wilson has added adjustable gain control to the 801262 DB Pro amplifiers and made it 62/65dB.  Now you can individually control the gain for both 800MHz and 1900MHz.  Indicator lights will warn of various error conditions that may be encounter during installation.  The cell phone signal amplifier casing is plastic.

Outside Antenna Option

The only difference between the Wilson 841262 and the Wilson 841263 kits is the outside antenna

  • Wilson 841262 – Uses an Omni-Directional antenna
  • Wilson 841263 – Uses a Directional antenna

The Omni-Directional catches signal from 360 degrees and works well when there is a lot of signal bounce from forest, rocks, mountains, etc.. Select the Omni-Directional antenna if you are in mountainous, heavily forested, rugged environment. You don’t have to be able to see the tower, but there should not be any mountains or large hills in the way. Select the Directional antenna if you have a decent line-of-sight to the tower. Remember, if you use a Directional antenna, you will only pick up towers in the direction the outside antenna is pointed.  If you use an Omni-Directional antenna, you are collecting signal from all directions.

Inside Antenna

This cell phone signal antenna is designed to be mounted on the wall or layer flat on the ceiling in the attic pointing downwards. This may cause oscillation. The antenna has about an 85 degree horizontal beam and about a 45 degree vertical beam. Both kits have the same interior antenna: a directional panel antenna.   It should not point towards the outside antenna or directly at the cellular amplifier.

You can buy Wilson Electronics – DB Pro – Cell Phone Signal Booster for Large Home or Office – Includes Omni Directional Antenna with reasonable price and super saving options from Cell phone booster store. See more detail, of stock, shipping method and additional information from the link- http://cellphoneboosterstore.com


Solution for 4G signal problem, a permanent solution to all kind of signal problems.

What is one thing which has become so important in our life that we can’t imagine life without it now? Answer is simple and you guessed right, it is cell phone. Everyone today is aiming to get a smarter and latest cell phone in his/her hand. Moreover due to very tight competition, manufacturers are introducing a new cell phone every day. This all have increased cell phone consumption in very high pace and if we take the chart of last ten years, the sale of cell phone will be get out of chart.

Problem arose here is network problem and this problem increases too much in case of smart phones because in that case a lot more things depends on network coverage apart from calls and messages. In case of smart phones, things like third party apps or any kind of application which requires internet connection uses to depend on network coverage and if there is not network coverage then these apps are useless. There are some apps which claims themselves as cell phone signal boosters but these apps are totally useless because anyone can imagine that if cell phone is not getting proper signal strength then how can app installed in same cell phone can increase the signal strength, this all is useless.

The only solution.

The only solution to this problem is a cell phone signal booster, which is a device which can boost a low signal strength and can convert it in to full bars. A cell phone signal repeater is only reliable device and its been proven that it can help each and every person who is getting a single bar strength at his/her place. This have to be noted here that minimum of one bar strength is required for a cell phone booster to work. If there is now signal at all the this device will not make signals of its own.

Cell phone boosters comes in many variety and for many specific spaces. Like if you want cell phone booster for car/truck then there is a special booster it. And if you want cell phone booster for home or office then there are many cell phone booster for that purpose. Do note that cell phone booster comes with variety of signal ranges and you should choose booster with range which will be suitable for you. Range directly depends on the area you want to cover with booster signal. Enjoy strong signal every time.


Overcome Dead Zone Effect with Boosters

There are over millions of cell phone users all over the world and most of them are dealing with difficulties in using their cell phone services only because of dead zones. Dead zones are the areas that have extremely low cell phone signal reception. When your cell phone gets very poor quality signals, it finds difficulty in implementing its services. If somehow, it establishes the connection, call is made with disturbances as well as it might get dropped. It is very disturbing to lose your most important calls. As the cell phones and cell phone users are increasing in the world day by day, the traffic is increasing and it is almost impossible to give everyone the best signal coverage and so dead zones are created at most places. Because of this increasing number of consumers, the traffic is increasing and the signals travelling become very weak while reaching its destination.

It is pretty difficult to get a location that is having full reception, but you may invest in a device that might help you a lot in getting the best signal reception and the device is called cell phone signal booster. This is a device that makes all these weak signals stronger. No matter how weak the signals are when they reach you, if you have a cell phone signal repeater with you, you still will get the best reception. This device will do the boosting of weak signals for you. There is a wide variety of boosters available in the market and you may chose whichever you want to, according to your convenience. A cell phone signal amplifier is easily affordable and has a very good life too. There are many advantages of having a booster with you too. You can avoid many dangerous diseases like tumor that are caused by excessive use of cell phones.

One of my friends purchased an iPhone last month and was very upset as he was not able to use 3G services even after paying large amounts of money. So he purchased iPhone signal booster, and is now happily enjoying his iPhone experience.

Quick Methods In cell phone booster for home and office Across The USA

The most frustrating thing for cell phone users might be when they are having their most important calls and suddenly the call drops because of their location having problem in receiving proper signals. This thing is hurting because nowadays everyone wants to be linked to his known ones and friends anyway, and they rely on cell phones for this purpose. Cell phones are the only medium for them to stay connected. Any person might be in problem anytime and sometimes cell phone is the only thing that might help them at that time. So it is really important to have the best of signal reception all the time. This is the main motive for all. This can be made only if the signals reaching to you find no problem or hindrance in the way. But, there are a lot of things in the midway. So we should boost the weakened signals just before we receive them. Cell phone signal booster becomes handy here as this device is just made for this purpose only. It boosts the weak signals to their maximum. You can roam freely anywhere using your cell phone if you have the service of a cell phone signal amplifier. These devices are small, affordable, easy to install and value for money too. These devices are very much good looking and portable too. You can completely rely on these products. This product is low maintenance too.

All these advantages of a single device point that you must avail the services of this amazing product as soon as possible. Just go to the nearest outlet, search for the best one matching your needs and pocket, and buy it. The main emphasize must be on the installation of the cell phone signal repeater. If the installation procedure is followed same as per the specifications on the leaflet given, then you will have the most efficient booster with you.

Popularity of Boosters in the Market

Cell phone signal booster is one of the most popular products in the market nowadays. Market daily is introduced with latest technologies and latest cell phones every week. But every service and cell phone is a waste if your cell phone has very poor cell phone signal reception. You can’t do anything about it. You cell phone is not to be blamed not the service you are using. Your location is the one to be blamed. Your location might fall in a dead zone, an area where the reception of signals is very poor and every cell phone service works very poor like making and receiving calls, messaging, using internet, 3G, 4G or any other service, everything works very bad. Sometimes ongoing calls get dropped, streaming of videos form internet is stopped and downloading also stops in some situations. This is very much disturbing for regular cell phone users as they have a habit of remaining connected with outer world through their cell phone and they are separated from outer world because of their poor cell phone signal reception. No one is to be blamed here. It is because of the traffic in signals too. The signals become very weak while reaching the customer.

The weak signals are the main reason for all the problems. Cell phone signal amplifier has a great capability to turn these weak signals into stronger ones. All it does is pick the weak signals and boost them through its amplifier unit and after they are much stronger, the booster itself sends the signals to the cell phone. If you are using a booster supporting more than one cell phone, all the cell phones in its range will be benefitted and will be able to have best signal reception. This is the main reason that cell phone signal repeater has made a name in the market. These devices are affordable by a normal man too.

You may select over a wide variety of boosters made for different types of cell phones as well as services. As booster for 3G and 4G service are available, iPhone signal booster is also available and it boosts the signals for iPhones.


News On Trouble-Free Methods Of cell phone signal booster

Everything in this world has a limited range, whether it is a living thing or a non living thing. Cell phones have ranges too as people have. General persons are not allowed to go at reserved places and weak signals are not able to reach cell phones out of their range. Cell phone signals must be strong enough to travel a lot and keep strong till the end. This is quite impossible but it is possible to boost these weakened signals somewhere in between the towers and the cell phones. This work can be made possible by the miracle of technology known as cell phone signal booster in the market. A small chip does this working. The small chip has the amplifying quality and lets you boost the weak signals. Once you have strong signals, you have less number of dropped calls, better and clear conversations and many more advantages too.

The problem of low signal reception is solved inside the home if you are using a cell phone signal repeater for home.  All the cell phones in the home are benefitted by a single cell phone booster.  Signals need to reach somehow at the place; rest work is to be done by the booster.

New technologies are developed and launched daily. Every service is fast, better and of great advantage too, but every service needs to have signal reception too. Services like 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi are launched recently. Internet is of great usage and it is fun when you get to access the internet at enormously fast speed.  Fast speed internet is available if you have a 3G or 4G phone. Then you can have all the benefits like better calls, cheaper voice and video calls and fast internet too. But for a 3G or a $g cell phone, you can’t use a simple booster. That’s why technology has developed cell phone booster 4G recently to be used in cell phones with 4G service.


Why signal reception is declining and what to do?

Have you ever studied how much number of cell phone users is there all over the world? It is a large number and every cell phone user is not only using one cell phone only. There are a large number of cell phone users that are using more than one cell phone at a time. Increased number of cell phone users has resulted into traffic in network and the traffic in network resulted into poor coverage of network.  And people started blaming their cell phones for it. This problem aroused because with increase in cell phone users, the companies were unable to install new service towers too. People who were in good reach of the towers were able to make calls in proper way and easily and their communication was reliable too. So, people needed something like their own tower that could provide them with better reception at the place they are residing at. So science developed <a href=”http://cellphoneboosterstore.com/”>cell phone repeater</a>, capable of boosting signals. It could boost the weak signals only, but can’t create on its own. This was also known as <a href=”http://cellphoneboosterstore.com/buyers-guide/”>cell phone signal booster</a> by many people who knew that it worked on the principle of repeating signal frequency. There is a wide range of cell phone boosters available in the market and you need to select the best one matching your pocket as well as your requirements. Select the best mobile booster, follow the installation procedure properly and avail the benefits of having better reception of signals among others. This works as a mini tower at your home. Nowadays, new services like 3G, 4G have been launched in various countries, but all of them are waste until you are having poor signal reception. Normal booster can’t be used in this case. 4G signal booster is used for availing 4G service through 4G enabled cell phones.