Wilson Electronics DB Pro Wireless Signal Booster

While receiving the Verizon cell phone signal booster for home kit it was found that it was a little bit confusing, but the instructions were found to be very simple and everything was there in the manual for the installation process which is very simple and there are fewer tools available for installing.  Along with this booster kit I had also found the directional Yagi antenna for external use only.  For figuring out where to this antenna to be placed there is a need of finding out your nearest cell phone location of the tower  and to set up your phone to determine the strength of your cell phone signal booster for home reviews.  I had used for figure out the cell phone signal booster for home sprint tower which was optimal for the cellular carriers which I had targeted.  It has also taken awhile to aim the antenna in the area of the hot spot, but I have found the directions given in the manual which are sufficient enough for the installation.

Cell phone signal strength

For the most of the part of my signal strength inside any building or house which was anywhere ranging from -95 dBm to -115 dBm or even lower, which would also equate to 1 bar in some locations which are close to the window.  The installation I have found which was getting about 4-5 bars or -75 dBm for the part of the house that could be under the signal booster and about -88 dBm for the rest of the house.  Overall, it has coverage to the entire house for once without having to be placed my cell phone near the cell phone booster. I have felt that this would be worth it if you would want to switch to a wireless or if your workplace would rely a lot on wireless calls as well.

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